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We never wish for someone to be arrested and be detained in jail especially our loved ones. The mere thought that someone you love behind bars, it gives you shivers because you already imagine the pain and the stress that he or she will go through. When this unfortunate thing unexpectedly happens to your loved one, you also go through pain and anxiety. You would want to make him or her to be out of jail immediately. You hope that the loved one accused will be free to resume his or her daily life. That your loved one can still go to work and live life as it was before. 

The solution to your problem is bail. Once an individual is arrested, the court will announce bail for him or her to have temporary freedom. A bail is usually an amount decided by the court depending on how heavy the allegedly committed offense by the individual accused or the defendant. When the bail is settled, the defendant is free to go as long as he or she promises his or her presence in all court hearings. It sounds easy – only if you can afford the bail.

If the defendant and his or her supporters cannot afford the bail amount, all they have to do is find a trusted bail bondsman who will help them in the processing a bail bond. And that is where you need our help. Our company is one of the longest-running and leading bail bonds companies in Bakersfield. We would not have been in the industry this long if our clients are not satisfied with our services. We operate 24/7 because we feel that the need for us arise any time of the day. Our trustworthy bail bondsmen are on call and can deal with your jail problem immediately. 

Every bail bondsman under our company has gone through background checks and several rigorous training to fit the company’s high standards. They treat every client with respect. We understand that not all arrested individuals are criminals. It is safe to say that we value the privacy of our clients and we uphold the trust that they give us through their designated bail bondsman.

When the court orders bail, be sure to call us immediately. After the call, a bail bondsman will assist you in every step of the process. They will explain every step to the defendant and his or her loved ones. A bail bond is almost exactly like a bail. The difference is that instead of depositing the actual bail amount in the court, your bail bondsman will present a document signed by the defendant, his or her co-signor, and the bail bondsman. The bail bond states that the defendant will be free to go as long as he or she will show up in every scheduled court trials. Missing a trial may lead to an arrest for the defendant again and the bail bond will not be honored anymore. The co-signor is the one who will be responsible for reminding the defendant about his or her responsibilities to the court. The co-signor will also be liable if the defendant misses a court hearing. 

The premium for a bail bond in all of California is 10% of the actual bail. We offer you payment options and terms for your convenience. After everything has been settled, the bail bondsman will facilitate the release of the defendant. 

We take pride in our fast, easy and reliable services. So when the need arises, be sure to call us!

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